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The BOS Silent Auction is an opportunity to support a worthy cause –  a student research grant to be established by the BOS scientific committee supporting snake research. This is a chance to clean out your office or house of those interesting and valuable herp related items. Any herp related item - including books, art, sculptures, famous autographs, field equipment, or clothing - is appreciated. Please note that items made from amphibians, reptiles, or parts thereof, should NOT be donated. Donations are tax deductible. Receipts will be issued on request (please request receipt at time of donation). If you are interested in donating to the auction, please contact Bob Ashley ( for more information.

Silent Auction

Are you new to this wonderful region? If so, you’re in for a real treat this evening. Southeast Arizona and the Bootheel of New Mexico offer the naturalist, and especially the herpetologist, a diverse fauna comparable to few other places in the U.S. Don’t miss this colorful introduction to prepare you for herping, photographing, and enjoying the area. Sit back and enjoy a kaleidoscope of the native amphibian and reptiles that you’ll hopefully see in this region. I will discuss specific areas where they are likely to be found. Also, I will present non-herpetological information that will aid in your local explorations.

Introducing ‘Cherrycows’ and the Bootheel of New Mexico


Bill Love

Blue Chameleon Ventures and Bill

Apache Junction, AZ USA

Wednesday Evening, July 26, Geronimo Event Center
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