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Biology of the Pitvipers 1992

An exceptional collection of 30 separate contributions by 51 authorities covering the systematics, evolution, natural history, behavior, and conservation of the world's pit-vipers. Also included are papers providing a comprehensive review of pit-viper envenomation and treatment and a discussion of Paramyxoviral infections in animals maintained in captivity. A must have volume for everyone interested in Pitvipers. Illustrated with 122 color and 100 b/w photos, numerous graphs, charts and tables, multiple bibliographies. From

One review of the book by Göran Nilson (Herpetological Review 25, 82–85. 1994) perhaps best captures its significance to herpetology and biology at large. In his introductory lines, Nilson hits the nail square on its head (p. 82), There is, of course, no phenomenon such as carrying capacity in knowledge, but in Biology of the Pitvipers one can see more diverse approaches to the study of the biology of these snakes than ever before, more elegant solutions to an increasing number of problems, and the rise of new and fascinating questions. Later he states (p. 85), This book will definitely serve as the focal reference in pitviper evolutionary biology in its broad sense and as such it should have lasting value. 

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